Quality Policy


To be recognised in Europe as the best metalworking outsourcing company.


To sustainably produce any mechanically welded part with the best quality and in the shortest time possible.


NCP strives to be a dynamic company, concerned with adding value to the solutions it offers, guaranteeing that in developing its business it will always bear in mind the values of:

– Rigour

– Trust

– Integrity

– Professionalism

– Innovation

– Efficiency

– Sustainability

– Community

Through practices that contribute to:

– The success of our clients;

– The quality of life of our employees;

– Continuous improvement;

– Profitability for shareholders.

It is everyone’s responsibility to pursue the aims outlined by the Board of Directors, and the Board is committed to reviewing and disseminating both the aims and their values, so that they are continually appropriate to the present life of the Organisation and comply with the applicable legal and normative requirements.