Quality Policy


To lead in the offer of integrated service solutions in the engineering sector.


To add value to our customers with the required level of quality, contributing to their efficiency and productivity, supporting them in innovation and satisfying their needs at competitive prices.


NCP stands out for being a dynamic company, concerned with adding value in the solutions it proposes, and ensuring that in varying out its business, NCP will always have the following values:

– Integrity;

– Suitability;

– Professionalism;

– Entrepreneurship;

– Respect for the Environment;

– Social responsibility;

Through practices that contribute to:

– The success of our customers;

– The continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the Management System and the organization’s processes;

– The quality of life of its staff;

– Profitability for its shareholders.

It is everyone’s responsibility to pursue the objectives outlined by the management, and the management undertakes to review and disclose both the objectives and their values, so that they are continuously adequate to the organization’s present life and that they comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.