We are committed to continuous improvement and process innovation.

We prioritize a focus on quality and continuous improvement, and this has always contributed to forming a solid and loyal client portfolio.

The growing documentary and process requirements in the industry challenge us to accompany our customers in the most diverse quality requirements.

NCP has human resources in continuous training and the latest means to monitor our products and processes.

Our equipment is regularly calibrated by certified bodies and we are certified by the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

In addition to our permanent continuous improvement program – which aims to increase the efficiency of all processes, increase our competitiveness in the market and improve the quality of life of our team – we have an ongoing global optimization project of the company with Kaizen Institute, which is focused on improving productivity, the service level, eliminating “non-compliances” and stocks optimization.

Only in this way is it possible to guarantee quality production with the most competitive prices and deadlines in the market.


Ongoing certifications:

EN ISO 3834-2 
EN 1090:2018 (EXC3) 
EN ISO 15085-2:2020